Warning: The content in this article is purely fictional and MUST NOT be acted upon for personal safety and legal reasons.

If you are plain stupid, have a death wish or are a pure adrenaline junkie, the following may be of interest to you.

  1. Rent a V8 Holden Monaro and take it for an absolute thrashing. In the Adelaide hills. WEEEeeeeeeee!!!
  2. Go to a football match and tell the football supporters that their team is a bunch of sissies. Then run away as fast as you can. AAAHHHHH!
  3. Go to the Melbourne art gallery and claim that the paintings are all fakes. Pompous!!
  4. Climb the ayers rock. Oooohh offensive to the indigenous people.
  5. Climb to the top of the Sydney Opera house and skate board down.
  6. Skull a 6 pack of Coopers pale ale Australian beer. YYUuuummmm
  7. Now go and eat: 3 beef mince pies, some fish and chips and a porterhouse steak. UUUgghHHH!!
  8. Now go to Darwin when it’s extremely hot and humid in summer and do a full length marathon run.
  9. Then go seek out a crocodile to wrestle with. (In honor of Steve Irwin- Crikey!)
  10. Then go to all the theme parks in the Gold Coast and ride every roller coaster ride, after you’ve had lunch. BLLLLUUUUUU!!!!
  11. Then find the tallest sky scraper in Sydney and parachute out from it.
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