Keep in touch – even from far-flung destinations – with an international data SIM card

With an increase in foreign travel has come the pressing need to keep in contact with those we’ve left back at home. Typically, the further away we are, the more we’ll pay to stay in touch, so charges for calls from Australia to the UK or the rest of Europe can be pretty steep. With […]

Melbourne Cup horse race

To Do !

So what will you actually do in Australia? I recommend venturing beyond the conventional “go from A to B, see sight C” kind of holiday plan. You need to meet some Australia people, you need to have some random adventures on your own and you have to see the “secret spots” the interesting little places […]

The Gold Coast and Queensland

The Gold Coast is the second largest populated city in the state of Queensland and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Australia. The population is not so big numbering at just over half a million people. As the name suggests it is a coastal city and is famous for it’s beautiful beaches and […]


Sydney and New South Wales

So you’re rampantly Googling Sydney!!!! I have to write about the massive Australian city, as 13 MILLION people Google it per month! Well, I don’t blame those people, Sydney is indeed a very beautiful city. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, and with a population of over 4.5 million it is Australia’s largest […]


Warning: The content in this article is purely fictional and MUST NOT be acted upon for personal safety and legal reasons. If you are plain stupid, have a death wish or are a pure adrenaline junkie, the following may be of interest to you. Rent a V8 Holden Monaro and take it for an absolute […]


Adelaide and South Australia

Weird Sh*t: Nothing special Crazy Sh*t: Adelaide has an excellent get drunk district on Hindley St, or if you want a classy get drunk district, go to the Barossa Valley and Get Drunk on fancy wines. Special Sh*t: Adelaide hosts the Massive Fringe festival each year about Arts and Music People: Snob, street or feral, […]

Western Australia kangaroo beach

Australia- Basic Info

Weird S*it: We have sharks that will bite you at our beaches, Sydney has an extremely poisonous spider call the funnel we spider. Special S*it: Biggest Island and Smallest Continent. Also the Dual Flush Toilet was invented here! Crazy S*it: Australia is a massive producer of Wines and is an excellent place to get DRUNK! […]

Information About Australian Holidays With a CRAZY Perspective

Hello ladies and gentlemen!! So you are interested in coming to Australia for a holiday or permanently, but you need to know more about Australia and how to get here? Or perhaps you live in CAVE in Australia, and are wandering what civilization looks like? Well, either way read on, and I’ll blow you away […]