Adelaide and South Australia

Weird Sh*t: Nothing special
Crazy Sh*t: Adelaide has an excellent get drunk district on Hindley St, or if you want a classy get drunk district, go to the Barossa Valley and Get Drunk on fancy wines.
Special Sh*t: Adelaide hosts the Massive Fringe festival each year about Arts and Music
People: Snob, street or feral, there’s a place for you!

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia, with a population of roughly 1.2 million. The city is medium sized and well spread out-there aren’t too many traffic jams or congested parts.

The Central Business District of the city is very intelligently designed, in a grid style, so navigating yourself around is easy in the city. And the grid design is just one of the many great thinks about the centre of the city, it has various districts, filled with well established business. There’s Rundle mall for shopping, China town for asian food and supermarkets, Hindley st for clubs and pubs, North Adelaide for Cafes and Restaurants, and so on.



Adelaide does not have the fanciness and fast pace of a large city, but at least the people are like the fast paced dicks from big cities, who are rude. It does not have the disadvantages of a large city; like getting squashed against fat, ugle people, having huge traffic jams, or way too much city to be able to easily navigate from A to B. And whilst it doesn’t have a large city’s disadvantages, it is not a small city. Please not that I grew up in this city so DO NOT insult it!

So you’re considering a holiday to Adelaide and are wondering what is there to see and do? In regards to shopping, Rundle Mall in the city is an excellent place to start off with. There’s a Myer Centre, a David Jones store if your the snooty, snobby type and many speciality shops. In regards to shopping centre’s, the biggest and most impressive one in Adelaide is the Westfield Marion shopping centre- a shopping behemoth. It has everything you could need, large departments stores, supermarkets, cafes, speciality shops and a huge events cinema. In fact if you like corny American movies, I recommend going to this cinema in a vmax or Gold Class session. As this cinema is of high quality.

I recommend exploring the Adelaide city centre, because as aforementioned it has a lot of nice things to look at. There’s Rundle mall, which is parallel to Grenfell St, there’s the Adelaide museum and Sa Art Gallery on North Tce as well as the Adelaide casino, which is pretty nice, the Adelaide Casino has 3 levels, with several bars, restaurants and of course gaming machines. If you’re a young rowdy person, I’d recommend giving Hindley St a look, especially on Saturday night when all the young suckers are clubbing, you’ll fit right in! China Town (Ni how!) on Grote St. and the central markets are great for people who are tight ass with their money. If you want nice cafes & restaurants, Rundle St in Adelaide or O’Connell St in North Adelaide are both excellent.

For venturing out of the city centre, the Barrossa valley is a must see if you love wine. The Barossa Valley is full of vineyards and wineries and I highly recommend going on a wine tasting tour. The town of Harndorf is a beautiful little German town, a 30 minute drive from the city. It has an excellent atmosphere and is a tourist magnet with, it’s German restaurants, cafes and shops. Adelaide has many nice beaches including Glenelg, Henly beach and Semaphore. The number 1 beach I’d recommend is Glenelg as not only does Glenelg have a beautiful beach, it has a brilliant town along side it as well, with many things to see and do.

In comparison with other Australian cities, Adelaide would be unique for being ‘not too big and not too small,’ it’s a very balanced city, and along with its warm summer and spring seasons, it’s a great place to relax. Adelaide is famous for it’s wines, and has a large wine production industry. And Adelaide is also well know for its many festivals, especially in the summer time which are definitely worth checking out.

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