To Do !

So what will you actually do in Australia? I recommend venturing beyond the conventional “go from A to B, see sight C” kind of holiday plan. You need to meet some Australia people, you need to have some random adventures on your own and you have to see the “secret spots” the interesting little places that native Australia’s no about but what your tour probably wouldn’t encompass. I recommend having dinner with an Australia family if you can or at least a drink at the pub with them. If you like sports, check out our Australian rules Football and see if you like it. Come to Australia when the Festivities are in MOTION, which is normally during the warm weather. Shop in some gigantic shopping malls as well as some specialty shops.

You have to check out the massive city centers of our capital cities, don’t just fly through them. You can do fine dinning, shopping, meeting the locals, seeing performances, etc. But at the same time, don’t be scared to venture away from the metropolitan areas, into the more rural areas, every state has several beautiful mini towns outside their major cities that you really must see. These places are full of unique cultures, sites and adventures to have.

But… If you’re a tough, hard core traveler, you can travel into the desolate, barren Australian outback, deserts, mountain ranges, wild creatures, sights and of course the “Australian Camping” experience. If you haven’t ventured here, you’re really missing out!!

Going to some of our adrenaline pumping races like the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide or the Melbourne Cup horse race is highly recommended.

Melbourne Cup horse race

Melbourne Cup horse race

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