Information About Australian Holidays With a CRAZY Perspective

Hello ladies and gentlemen!! So you are interested in coming to Australia for a holiday or permanently, but you need to know more about Australia and how to get here? Or perhaps you live in CAVE in Australia, and are wandering what civilization looks like? Well, either way read on, and I’ll blow you away with amazing information that you otherwise wouldn’t have found, as well as some down right CRAZY humor.

Any questions or comments? Serious or SILLY feel free to post a comment, I’d be happy to chat you you.

This is by no means meant to be like a conventional BORING page on Wikipedia that could be a miraculous cure for insomnia. It’s meant to TELL you HOW Australia IS!! And with some HUMOR when necessary. If you are a boring person with no sense of humor, then GO AWAY! My website would be too challenging for your primitive view of the world.

Yes, We Have SHARKS Here!!! I feel really sorry for this dude getting gobbled up in Bondi Beach. Be Careful in Australia!!! Any way…

If you’re actually a bit of an adventurous person with an IQ higher than 3, then read on, perhaps it’s destiny that you came across my website? Could it be destiny for you to read this website and decide to do something crazy and adventurous in Australia?

We have got all the main factors of traveling to Australia down pact on this website. We’ve covered major destinations such as Sydney, New South Wales, the Gold Coast, Western Australia, South Australia, Perth and Melbourne. These are the places in Australia where it’s all happening. And what I mean by that is that these cities are not only big and full of infra structure like any other place in the world, but they have CHARACTER, and that is what makes us Australian’s so cocky about living on this chunk of land in the middle of the ocean.

Yes, I hear you. It will take a substantial amount of finances to come to Australia, yes. But I can tell you, you will get what you paid for. If you’ve read this far I would say that you are a person of stronger character, a person who DOES things, not a person who just talks about things, the “talker” doesn’t achieve anything substantial in their life.

Oh and we have INVENTED a new form of transport recently. He he, I’ve heard that kangaroos are waaayyyy cheaper than cars to run!!

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